Chinese Martial Artist Shun

I was invited to an RPG session with some friends and I created this character to play with, her name is Shun.
I started with some sketching in the usual style (sketches not found here) but  this one my third try:

I think I was heading the right way, but then I started to think that since  the set was in this city, she couldnt have the chinese cosplay outfit, yet she needed to be comfortable so it evolved into this:

After some thought, I wanted to really give her a mood related to the RPG game we were playing, also I missed to do some realistic style characters, so the final sketched result is this one.

She is 25 years old, not very pretty (too much points spend on physical attibutes :) ) I need to keep working on it, I didnt use a reference pic other than my previous sketches. 

Sorry about the quality of the images, I dont own a scanner yet, hope that changes soon. 

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