Give me my donut!!

Digital technique this time the trick was not painting the link and still get interesting results.



Chinese Martial Artist Shun

I was invited to an RPG session with some friends and I created this character to play with, her name is Shun.
I started with some sketching in the usual style (sketches not found here) but  this one my third try:

I think I was heading the right way, but then I started to think that since  the set was in this city, she couldnt have the chinese cosplay outfit, yet she needed to be comfortable so it evolved into this:

After some thought, I wanted to really give her a mood related to the RPG game we were playing, also I missed to do some realistic style characters, so the final sketched result is this one.

She is 25 years old, not very pretty (too much points spend on physical attibutes :) ) I need to keep working on it, I didnt use a reference pic other than my previous sketches. 

Sorry about the quality of the images, I dont own a scanner yet, hope that changes soon. 


Leopard sexy grin

A character developed thinking as a mascot for a tennis club, it has no name yet, was very fun to do, I think in the people that usually goes to this clubs, did some research about how they dress and the material they play with. The sketch was more rough and I ended up inking in curves =)


Lets do Cabaret!

This lady for sure had some good times, all what is left is the past glory and some old bones =)


An evil knight

this character has no name yet, the armor is rather complicated, but let´s start with the basics: the sketch
I think that maybe in other life I was a blacksmith, I enjoy designing armors too, anyhow. As soon as I started with this, later I was wondering what kind of person he is..
Grr! he is quite the evil guy... but oh wait! he can demonstrate feelings too! in the end I think that after a lot of troubles he will mend his evil ways and become good. 

So he is the cleaned up version, I used the tv again... only useful thing the tv can do in my house, since I dont have cable TV with nickelodeon, discovery or history channel ¬¬

And here we have the nameless knight! there is no profile version because he was so big that the tabloid sheet was not enough for his height and width 


Juneth Character design

And here we continue with the character design, here is Juneth, the first step is the rough sketch

After the rough sketch, I had to clean it up, so I used my tv as a light table, inking it by hand

Finally the result was very rewarding, the plain color anime like, I am still improving the color.

Here is the character expression sheet of Juneth, sketched up!


Azrael Character concept

Character concept of a black magic wizard Azrael, my own character created around 6 years ago.

Concepto de creación de personaje de Azrael, personaje de mi propiedad creado hace 6 años aproximadamente

Inked version /Version a tinta, pasado en limpio


Astronaut kid mascot design

El diseño de una mascota para un cereal de asteroides, proyecto escolar
Curvas, Adobe Ilustrador
Mascot design for a meteor-like cereal, school project
Adobe Illustrator


A world from a basic form

¿Qué podemos hacer con una forma simple básica? No solamente un animal nacería! 
what could we do with a simple plain basic form? Not only a single animal can be born!


Desarrollo de personaje/ Character development

Sketch Character sheet of my own character Juneth

Expression Sheet Sketch

Aún falta la versión definida, será subida más adelante. 
Redefined version still yet to come,


The mighty goat

Diseño de Mascota para un club de senderismo
Técnica: Digital y lápiz
Pet design for a hiking club
Technique: Digital and pencil 



Trabajo en proceso, boceto hecho a meno, posteriormente entintado con pincel pentel cargado con tinta china
Work in process, sketch done with pencil, inked with pentel brush with black chinese ink

Versión final: Digital
Final version portrait Digital


Please help me

Un perro de los que jalan trineos, pidiendo ayuda para salir de las aguas glaciales
Tecnica: Gouche
A sled dog begging for help after a long pull and jumpint in the cold sea

Fish Paradise

Paraiso de peces
Técnica: Gouche
Fish paradaise

La caperucita roja y el lobo feroz. 
Técnica: Adobe Ilustrador 
La caperucita de hoy en día definitivamente no se dejaría de ningún lobo.
The red riding hood and the big bad wolf.
Adobe Illustrator
Nowadays the big bad wolf butt would be kicked by
this girl, little girls are not princesses anymore!