I heard you had problems with pirates

It´s been a while since I last uploaded! I have been pretty active with some projects that came along, but I am not allowed to post them here. I also began working with this illustration, one of my favourite characters ever, Peter pan!


Jimi Hendrix

Not particulary his fan, but sometimes my friends talk about him and the idea just came up. Adobe illustrator
and my respect to the people who do Rock and roll posters, it sure is a lot of time. 


The old gnome

This time is fantasy character, a gnome here you can see the character version, as a standalone

And here is the version with a digital background.


Backgrounds and other nitemares

This time I used a punk character that I had designed earlier, I am going to aim for backgrounds from now on, it is good but, it´s gonna get better eventually.

Chillin with the guitar

Watercolor. I began this intending to ink the line with black ink... I still do, but I figured out that I wanted to scann it before I passed the line because I dont know how is going to look in the end and in this world there is no ctr+z :)


Happy teenage satyr

Traditional watercolor technique I am happy how it went, now I want to try something more detailed


Give me my donut!!

Digital technique this time the trick was not painting the link and still get interesting results.