An evil knight

this character has no name yet, the armor is rather complicated, but let´s start with the basics: the sketch
I think that maybe in other life I was a blacksmith, I enjoy designing armors too, anyhow. As soon as I started with this, later I was wondering what kind of person he is..
Grr! he is quite the evil guy... but oh wait! he can demonstrate feelings too! in the end I think that after a lot of troubles he will mend his evil ways and become good. 

So he is the cleaned up version, I used the tv again... only useful thing the tv can do in my house, since I dont have cable TV with nickelodeon, discovery or history channel ¬¬

And here we have the nameless knight! there is no profile version because he was so big that the tabloid sheet was not enough for his height and width 

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  1. I like how it looks :)

    Hadn't noticed you have a blog... I'm gonna bookmark it :3